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We’ve lost the American Dream.

Wealth and income inequality in our country are off the charts.

And worse, it’s now easier to move out of poverty in almost every other wealthy country.

We’re about to lose our democracy.

In two of the worst decisions of our lifetimes, our Supreme Court has alarmingly established that money equals speech. This idea goes against every foundation our country was built on.

We can work together to out-Foxx them.

And we can do it by convincing everyone we know just how much is at stake, and getting them to vote for those who believe in opportunity for everyone, not just the 1%.

We’ve lost the American Dream.

Statue of Liberty under cloud

Wealth and income inequality in our country are now comparable with third-world nations. We’ve given away our position as the Land of Opportunity, it’s now easier to move out of poverty in Canada. And Germany. And France. And Sweden. And just about every other wealthy country except the UK.

And the UK was historically bad enough that we started a revolution.

We’re about to lose our democracy.

Corruption has been legalized by the US Supreme Court. A recent decision guarantees unlimited money flowing from the 1% to the campaigns of legislators who do the bidding of the 1%.

The money is in turn used to overwhelm, marginalize, restrict voting, and stifle the voices of those who think the deck shouldn’t be stacked.

We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of the few, but we cannot have both.

Louis BrandeisSupreme Court Justice, 1916-1939

It’s time to stop taking from the poor

and giving to the rich.

It’s time to discard the idea of trickle-down economics for good.

The idea that if the rich got richer then everyone else would automatically follow suit has fallen flat. In the past thirty years the wealthiest few in our country have gotten immensely wealthier while the bottom 60% have had their share taken away, and yet we continue to let this discredited notion guide our country.

This must stop.

The American Dream was famously described as,

“that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement … a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position.”

It was a revolutionary idea, and for most of our history it was what defined us, to ourselves and to the world.

Let’s bring the American Dream back.

  • 646

    The number of people in the US (not 1%, but 0.000002%) who were affected by maximum campaign donation limits in 2012. And because of the recent Supreme Court ruling on McCutcheon v. FEC, those limits no longer exist.

  • 85

    The number of people in the world who combined are worth as much as the poorest 3,500,000,000.

  • US$220,000

    The median household worth per adult in Australia. In Belgium, France, Italy, the UK, and Japan, the median net worth is between US$100,000 and 150,000.

    In the United States? $45,000.

  • 7

    The number of days that North Carolina just cut from early voting.

Let’s work together to out-Foxx them.

Moral March on Raleigh

We can still take back democracy. We can take back the American Dream. And we can do it by convincing everyone we know what’s at stake, and getting them to vote to break this vicious cycle.

As Representative, my overwhelming priority will be to strip the 1% of their ability to disproportionately influence politics for their own benefit. I love this country and what it’s supposed to stand for. We need to work together to restore opportunity for everyone.

Everything about our future depends on it.

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Vote to take back our democracy from the 1%.

The current path our country is on is unsustainable.

As your representative, I will fight…

…for the rights of people over corporations.
…for the ability of every American to be represented equally in politics. Money is not speech.
…for equality. Everyone deserves a first chance, almost everyone deserves a second.
…for education. It’s the best investment we can make in our future.

opportunity for everyone